Monday, October 10, 2011

Godspeed, Marty

Marty Hegarty
October 7, 2011 RIP

Marty Hegarty “went home”, passing quietly on Friday evening, surrounded by his wife Carole and friends. Marty was ordained for Chicago in 1954 and left active ministry 15 years later and married. However, he retained his passion for faith, fairness and Notre Dame Football. He was instrumental in the creation of the organization WEORC, to help men and women transitioning out of priesthood or religious life to find support and employment in the secular world. Just one year ago WEORC celebrated 40 years of ministry.

Plans for Marty’s Celebration of Life are being planned for midweek. Contact WEORC ( for fuller details. Marty has left this world a better place for his being here.