Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swimming the Tiber

The Vatican made an overture to disaffected conservative Anglicans to come on over to the Catholic side en masse. They were offered their own rite to retain some traditional Anglican elements. Anglican priests can even keep their wives (if they want to). Only married bishops would lose their miters in the crossing (no married Bishops allowed).

The details are still being worked out, but it would be interesting to see how many Anglicans might actually take the offer. Up to this point, I know more Catholic priests than Anglicans (Episcopalians) who switched sides. Many switched to get married. Will they be welcomed back?

To get Stephen Colbert's take on the issue go to http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/252747/october-27-2009/holy-water-under-the-bridge---randall-balmer


  1. Love the picture. Is Ben giving Colbert the eye or the mal occhio.
    Marty Romeo

  2. I commend you on an excellent current edition. Keep it up.

    Regarding laicization...nothing but Roman legal fiction! The sacramental character of the priesthood is irrevocable, no matter what legal machinations the institution uses to delegitimize married priests. I have often wondered over the years why we capitulated to Rome's demands. I was guilty as anyone in doing so until I began to be asked to reactivate some fifteen years ago. Over those recent years I have married probably close to a thousand couples, baptized their children, buried their family members. I have been graced to celebrate Eucharist with the Philadelphia Dignity community regularly over the same period.

    Have I been excoriated for doing this? Yeah...but so what!!!!!!!! Sticks and stones.....

    I was laicized under Paul VI. Did that matter to these people who like the Gospel story were asking for bread and were being handed stones by the powers that be?

    Twelve people and their families turned the Roman world upside down two thousand years ago. Where have we 125,000 married priests worldwide and all joined in spirit with us been while the reactionary crowd with their “hermeneutic of continuity” have hijacked the wonder and beauty of the renewal of Vatican II? Why did we surrender so easily instead of turning the “Roman world of today upside down?

    Keep up the good work and keep trying to get the message out!

    Joe McOscar
    Greenwich, NJ

  3. Praying for laicized priests, for their spiritual and physical well being. So destructive to souls when these men simulate Matrimony (a priest without faculties cannot marry couples sacramentally nor absolve validly) or illicitly say Mass. How much must Joe McOscar hate the Dignity members or the people he invalidly attempted to marry, to do this?