Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost Generation(s)?

The recent pleading of a third of all Catholic theologians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for honest discussion of “taboo” subjects in the Church has been dismissed as “rebellion in the nursing home.” This is inferring that “loyal” dissidents in the Catholic Church are a dying breed. Cardinal George also feels Catholic liberals are aging and are soon (albeit not-soon enough for his liking) going to be history.

So where are the all the young Catholics who will be the Church of the Future? Except for some who picked up the party-line theology and agenda, most seem to be “lost”. At least this was the premise studied at a forum at Fordham University - “Lost? Twenty-Somethings and the Church”.

In an NCR blog Jamie L. Manson reflected on the forum. (Link below) Jamie received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School where she studied Catholic theology and sexual ethics. In 2010 she won a Catholic Press Association award for Best Column/Regular Commentary.

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