Monday, December 29, 2014

Married Catholic Priest Replaces Priest Leaving the Catholic Church to get Married

Talk about a head-scratcher. I wonder if anyone in the Vatican recognizes the absurdity of all this?

Another case of a priest leaving to get married, being replaced by a married priest – in this case, a former Anglican priest who with his wife and family, entered the Catholic Church. There were several cases of this in England when the Anglican Church started ordaining women. Full details can be found in the Tablet article at… 

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  1. If Roman Catholic priests were allowed to marry, and if women were allowed to become priests, I think there would be far less abuse of children and a happier, healthier church (and world!) overall. My new book supports both movements. The reason I have presented these issues via fiction is that sometimes a good engrossing novel is an excellent way to get people interested in important issues that need reform: